Town Center Updates

Community Vision

The City of West Melbourne envisions itself as a place where community members of all ages can interact as true members of a small town, participate in a variety of community events, relax in peaceful public spaces, move easily throughout the community in a variety of ways, benefit from a diverse and prosperous economy, and receive exceptional public services.

The development of a Town Center would contribute to achieving the community vision. This section of the West Melbourne website is dedicated to providing all the information and documentation related to the Town Center project. There are many phases associated with this project and the City will be updating this page with the latest information as the project progresses. For inquiries related to this project, please email the West Melbourne Planning and Economic Development Department.

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Status of Zoning & Comprehensive Plan Changes to Encourage a Town Center & Road Changes

On January 27, 2015, a number of citizens attended a workshop and provided their input on what land uses and activities they would like to see along Minton Road. The American Planning Association volunteered for a week in January to help City staff in preparing recommendations of changes on how the city could foster a town center atmosphere. The American Planning Association is still working on their recommendations and these will be presented to City Council in the upcoming months.

Staff worked with the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council with a grant from the State of Florida in 2017. One decision that City Council made was to prohibit gas stations along Minton Road, in that portion from Helen Street (Lowe's traffic signal) to the I-95 overpass.

February 2017 Update

On February 9, 2017, the city hosted another workshop involving the government agencies of the School Board, Brevard County Public Works and the Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization. This meeting was also attended by property owners, business owners and others. 

Based on the discussion of attendees, staff is working with the county to conduct a corridor study to determine if 6-laning of Minton Road in the segment from Helen Street to the I-95 overpass could be averted or if not, postponed beyond the County’s 2026-2030 timeframe of possibly widening Minton Road from 4 lanes to 6 lanes (p. 170, “2040 Long Range Transportation Plan”). In 2019, the County will study whether the St. Johns Heritage Parkway will relieve some of the north-south traffic on Minton Road.

November 2017 Update

In the beginning of November 2017, the St. Johns Heritage Parkway opened and it has been apparent that some of the south to north traffic that is generated in Palm Bay has alleviated some capacity on this segment of Minton Road in our city limits. The County has budgeted in their short term budget, funds to add the traffic management system that helps to synchronize signals during peak hours.

Besides changes that might occur to the capacity and functioning of Minton Road, the City has enacted an overlay district, the “Town Center” that applies to both the zoning and the future land use maps for those properties from Helen Street south to the I-95 overpass. Currently, the overlay district adds requirements for the appearance of future buildings and prohibits additional gas stations from being constructed.