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Public Works 

1415 Henry Avenue
West Melbourne, FL 32904



Name Title Email Phone
Ashley, Randy Operations Superintendent 321-727-3710
Davila, Nat Construction Inspector 321-837-7777
Salter, Heather Operations Coordinator 321-727-3710
Mills, Keith Deputy City Manager/Capital Projects Director 321-837-7777
Morrison, Sean Crew Leader 321-727-3710
Alderman, Joseph Water Distribution Worker 321-727-3710
Baker, Bob Equipment Operator 321-727-3710
DiCrocco, Victor Automotive Mechanic 321-727-3710
Harris, Thomas Garage Superintendent 321-727-3710
Higgins, Jason Water Distribution Worker 321-727-3710
Cottrill, Roger Utilities Coordinator 321-727-3710
Tinch, Clifford Water Distribution Worker 321-727-3710
Marsden, John Heavy Equipment Operator 321-727-3710
Rickett, Rob Water Crew Leader 321-727-3710
Zukowski, Michael Equipment Operator 321-727-3710
Garcia, Aric Water Distribution Worker 321-727-3710
Pyne, Michael Maintenance Worker 321-727-3710
Jakubowski, Paul Meter Reader Technician 321-727-7700
Fallon, Jamie Meter Reader Technician 321-727-7700