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Request for Sewer Adjustment

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City of West Melbourne
2240 Minton Road
West Melbourne, FL 32904
Ph: 321-727-7700
Fax: 321-768-2390
Account Information
Mailing Address
Service Address
Sewer Adjustment Information
Sewer Adjustment Qualifications

1. A sewer adjustment can be approved one time in a twelve (12) month period
2. Consumption must exceed the account's six (6)months average
3. A copy of the repair bill, pool contract or a statement explaining when and how the repair was made along with a copy of the building permit must be provided
We are unable to approve adjustments in the following circumstances
1. Broken or leaky water lines where the water enters the sanitary sewer system (i.e., leaky toilets or inside faucets)
2. Water used for irrigation
3. Negligent use of water
4. Undetermined use of water
Reason for sewer adjustment request
Pool Adjustment Documentation
Leak Adjustment Documentation
Your request will be processed upon receipt of proper documentation
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