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Officer of the Quarter

 Officer LaRosa           
K-9 Officer LaRosa’s performance has been outstanding this quarter. During the months of January and March, he was above average in four out of five patrol categories to include traffic stops, arrests, reports taken, and calls for service as primary and back up officer. In February, K-9 LaRosa was above average in five out of five categories, the fifth being traffic tickets issued.

Officer LaRosa is a proactive law enforcement officer who goes above and beyond to assist fellow officers. He treats citizens with the utmost professionalism and compassion, whether he is there to assist or arrest them. Officer LaRosa recently mentored a new hire with regard to traffic stops and when to call for K-9 assistance. The following evening that officer made their very first drug arrest using the advice given.  

Officer LaRosa has embraced his role as a K-9 handler and proved it on a recent call for service to assist the Melbourne Police Department for which Officer LaRosa was awarded a Certificate of Commendation. By the professional and effective manner in which they conducted themselves no one would have ever been able to tell Officer LaRosa and his partner K-9 Jax were a new team. Congratulations!


Detective Campbell                       


Detective Campbell was the on-call detective when a shooting occurred at 272 E. Haven Drive involving two victims. It was determined the situation was domestic related and the homeowner was the suspect. A search warrant was completed for the residence and the suspect was detained. Detective Campbell interviewed the suspect and was able to quickly secure a confession. The State Attorney is filing charges for Aggravated Battery with a firearm while inflicting great bodily harm.

Another noteworthy investigation; Detective Campbell was assigned an elderly exploitation case. He was tasked with investigating the daughter of a resident of Brookdale Senior Living. The elderly victim was set to be evicted from the facility for non-payment.  The victim’s daughter was believed to be using her mother’s life savings for her personal use.  Through interviews it became necessary to complete multiple subpoenas into the victim's and suspect's bank records. In April, Detective Campbell was able to get a confession from the suspect and found there was probable cause to file charges. Detective Campbell’s compassion for the victim in this case and determination to see it through is an example of his exemplary work ethic, dedication, and commitment.


Officer Campos            



Throughout this quarter Officer Campos has been a productive officer with consistently high numbers for response to calls for service, arrests, and reports taken. Officer Campos makes a diligent effort to work through his cases to a successful conclusion. If not, he gathers all the pertinent information for CID to ensure the highest likelihood of solvability. Two noteworthy incidents:

On August 16, 2016, Officer Campos responded to the report of a grand theft auto which had just occurred at America's Best Value Inn. Officer Campos interviewed the victim and conducted a thorough investigation where he back tracked the suspect's evening, eventually leading him to an address in the City of Palm Bay. Later during the shift, a second grand theft auto occurred in the parking lot of Race Trac. Suspecting these two cases were related, Officer Campos assumed primary investigation. Video evidence from the second theft showed the suspect matched the description from the earlier incident. The first victim was able to make a positive identification and the suspect’s mother provided a statement implicating her son after viewing the video evidence. With probable cause developed Officer Campos was able to file charges in both cases.  

Also during this quarter, Officer Campos worked a case of a residential burglary and grand theft auto. The stolen vehicle was recovered in close proximity of the suspect's home. Officer Campos did an outstanding job of developing a rapport with the suspect’s mother, who convinced her son to speak to police. Because of the rapport developed beforehand with the mother and later with the suspect, Officer Campos was able to get the suspect to complete a sworn written statement implicating himself to the crimes he was being charged with.  

Officer Campos comes to work with a positive attitude; interacts well with co-workers and remains receptive to his supervisor. He is an outstanding officer and a true asset to our department. 





In early November, Officer Shane Popa participated in the Space Coast Motor Officer Challenge. The event took place over a two day period and was held at Space Coast Harley Davidson. Officer Popa took first place in the Novice Division. He demonstrated strong riding skills in low-speed riding, curve negotiation, and evasive swerving just to name a few. His exceptional riding skills were showcased for hundreds of onlookers as well as Motor Officers from up and down the east coast. Officer Popa represented himself and this agency in an outstanding and professional manner.  And that’s not it…..

On November 27, 2016 the police department received two separate tweets; “I saw one of your own give two pairs of shoes to a homeless man today, thank you for all you do” and “Saw an officer pull into Barnes & Noble today and give a man a pair of sneakers and boots. So nice to see”.  It only took a minute to find out those tweets were about Officer Popa. He checked out with a homeless individual loitering in front of Barnes and Noble. Officer Popa noticed the vagrant was wearing a pair of old broken sneakers. Officer Popa felt he needed to do something and offered to give him two pair of sneakers which he had at his house. The male graciously accepted his offer and agreed to wait for him while Officer Popa went home to get them. Officer Popa’s actions demonstrated the most essential element in improving and promoting community relations, which is the human connection.  

Congratulations on a job well done!