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 Officer Weeks' Award 

 Chief Wiley, Officer Weeks, and Deputy Chief Swartzfager
On behalf of Chief Wiley, please help congratulate Officer Kimberly Weeks for being chosen as Officer of the Year by the State Attorney's Office in honor of National Crime Victims' Rights Week (April 19-25). Officer Weeks went well above the call of duty last year working with a victim of domestic violence and along with the State Attorney's Office, and got a violent offender off the streets. Her unyielding perseverance most definitely saved the life of the victim.

We are very proud of Officer Weeks! Outstanding job!  This is a link to the presentation by State Attorney Phil Archer.           



Valor Header  The 5th Annual Valor Awards Banquet was held on August 21, 2013. The Valor Awards recognize Brevard County's Military, Police, Fire and Rescue Personnel for their heroic efforts. This year the West Melbourne Police Department was proud to honor the heroic efforts of West Melbourne Detective Harvey Whitney, West Melbourne Field Training Officer Nelson Cubas and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Officer Walter Duran for their acts of bravery.

Detective Harvey Whitney and FTO Nelson Cubas, Life Saving Award

On Saturday, April 13, 2013, Detective Harvey Whitney and Field Training Officer Nelson Cubas responded to a call for service where a 12 year old male juvenile had hung himself. The victim's mother had called police for help and was hysterical after finding her son in this condition. Detective Whitney was the first to arrive on scene and made contact with the mother who was frantically screaming, "Please help my baby!" FTO Cubas arrived moments after Detective Whitney. The officers observed the young victim unresponsive with no pulse and a blue/gray skin tone. FTO Cubas connected a Department issued AED and assessed the victim. The AED did not advise a shock and the officers administered CPR. While they were conducting CPR, the victim started to get some of the color back in his face. He then began to vomit. The officers received exposure to these bodily fluids on their faces and bodies; however, they diligently continued rescue efforts.

Detective Whitney and FTO Cubas provided rescue efforts for approximately five minutes prior to Brevard County Fire Rescue's arrival. Due to the efforts of the officers, the victim regained a stable heartbeat and blood pressure, however he was unable to breath on his own. The victim was air-lifted to Orlando for further treatment. A few days later he was taken off the ventilator by his mother. This allowed time for arrangements to be made for his organs to be donated.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Officer Walter Duran
 Medal of Valor

Early in the morning of March 7, 2013, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Officer Walter Duran was traveling eastbound on U.S. Highway 192 in the City of West Melbourne. Ahead of him, he observed a traffic crash with a vehicle on fire. Officer Duran arrived on scene and observed a young child being removed from the rear passenger compartment of the burning vehicle and taken to safety. Officer Duran utilized his patrol truck equipped with emergency lights to position it in a manner to ensure the safety of the persons and property at the scene of the crash. Next, Officer Duran rushed to the burning vehicle where he found an unresponsive female driver trapped inside. Asking for assistance from citizens who stopped to help, he diligently instructed one of them to hold her neck while he tried to pull her out of the burning vehicle. Her leg was pinned underneath the dashboard, the flames had now reached the windshield area and the engine compartment was fully engulfed with flames.

Officer Duran sent someone to get a fire extinguisher from his truck, but it had little effect. Hoping he had enough time, Officer Duran entered the burning vehicle on the passenger side. Reaching across the seat and underneath the flames, he was able to free the victim's leg. With assistance, he was able to get her pulled out of the vehicle, assuring her cervical spine was protected to prevent further injury. Officer Duran stayed and managed the scene until West Melbourne Police Officers and other responders arrived. Then he provided traffic control when the major issues were being addressed. He exhibited a high level of bravery that saved a life and assured the safety of all the people on the scene.