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Short Term Residential Rentals
Can a resident with a house rent his or her house as an AirBnB?

Only on a weekly, monthly or longer rental basis.  Rentals of less than one week are prohibited in each of the City's residential zoning districts.  Any questions about the City's Codes can be answered by contacting the Planning Department at 321-837-7778.

Homeowner Associations may have restrictive covenants that also address this subject and are more restrictive than the City Codes.  The City does not enforce homeowner association documents.

General Information:

1) If you are renting your house for a week or more, you will need to apply for a City business tax license.  Use this link to access the application form. 

Business Tax Application

2) The State of Florida will require you to pay hotel/transient occupancy tax, and may require payment of other sales, and other turnover taxes such as Value Added Tax, or Goods and Services Tax, or income tax.  The State of Florida taxes short-term rentals (housing rented for 182 days or less) with a Transient Tax that is the 6% Florida Sales Tax + 5.0% Brevard Tourist Development Tax.  Use this link to read about the Tourist Development Tax in Brevard County:

Tourist Development Tax

Tourist Development Council

Florida Revenue Forms

3) Renting your house for 30 days or more for two consecutive years will result in a property's loss of homestead exemption according to the County property appraiser.  Use this link to access the Brevard County Property Appraiser's web site:

Brevard County Property Appraiser/Homestead