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Reuse Information
In this section you will find helpful information about the City of West Melbourne's reclaimed water system.  Please refer to the links on the left for important reuse information.

March 2017 Reuse Update
In February, three of the eight scheduled reuse deliveries were unable to be delivered due to a concentrated industrial discharge that had to work its way through the City's treatment system before the treated reuse was again able to meet DEP quality standards.  Since then, reuse has been delivered on each scheduled date.  The City asks for citizen cooperation in only taking reuse during your scheduled time, as taking reuse outside your scheduled time adversely impacts the pressure that is supplied to your neighbors who do follow the reuse rules.  The time-of-use rules are in place for everyone's benefit.  As we approach the peak spring reuse demand, respect for your neighbors becomes even more important, and the City will be out enforcing the time-of-use rules.  Thank you for only taking reuse during your scheduled hours.