Comprehensive Plan- Horizon 2030

The City’s most recent Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2010 in direct response to meeting all of the requirements of the 1985 Growth Management Act, which is also known as the Local Comprehensive Planning and Land Development Regulation Act, and the rules of the Florida Department of Community Affairs. 

This plan, as amended, has provided the policy framework for growth management in West Melbourne for the Planning Horizon until 2030. Volume 1 contains the adopted and enforceable goals, objectives and policies and Volume 2 contains the supplementary information of the data and analysis (not adopted) that serves as the premise for the City’s goals, objectives and policies.


The City’s Comprehensive Plan provides the direction and guidance which enables the City to maintain and enhance those attributes that make the City a desirable place to live, work, learn and play. The Comprehensive Plan is designed to preserve and enhance the public services and the protection of natural resources. Simply put, the Comprehensive Plan includes:

  • Goals for future development and provision of services;
  • Objectives or benchmarks to meet in attaining our goals; and,
  • Policies to be implemented to meet the slated benchmarks.

About the Plan

The City’s Plan includes goals, objectives and policies for each of the State required elements. Some of the elements contain level of service standards requiring that development be managed to maintain the adopted standard (concurrency).


Volume 2 is the second part of the Comprehensive Plan that serves to provide the baseline data and analysis to explain the ideas behind the goals, objectives and policies in Volume 1. All cities and counties are required to have adopted goals, objectives and policies and to provide data and analysis, but the data and analysis does not have to be adopted. It is up to each city or county whether they want to mix the data and analysis and goals, objectives and policies together or have them separate. 

The City chose to separate the two so that it is clear which part of the 2010 update to the Comprehensive Plan can only be amended with ordinances, Volume 1, and which can be updated either with staff reports accompanying Volume 1 changes or entirely change the data and analysis with the required periodic update. The next update to the 2010 comprehensive plan will be in another 2 to 3 years and the two volumes would be replaced by an update at that time.