Operation Vigilant Protector

Operation Vigilant Protector will anticipate, recognize, and appraise the risk of crime occurring in the City of West Melbourne. The removal or reduction of these risks will be accomplished by the actions of individual officers.

Proactive Steps

Officers will take proactive steps upon observing conditions that would increase the likelihood of criminal behavior and/or allow for the victimization of residents or guests. Upon observing an unsafe condition, the officer will make contact with the property owner and advise them of such. 

If contact cannot be made directly with the property owner, the officer will complete a Vigilant Protector Card and leave it at the scene of the condition so as to notify the property owner of the unsafe condition in writing.


Examples of unsafe conditions to be handled through the Operation Vigilant Protector program include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Accumulation of mail or newspapers
  • Any condition that would invite the criminal element to victimize a citizen or business owner
  • Garage doors left open
  • Greenery or shrubs obstructing or blocking windows or doors
  • Unsecured property in yards
  • Valuables left unsecured and in plain view in vehicles