Volunteers in Policing

Police volunteers are citizens who make a difference by donating their time and energy to assist the West Melbourne Police Department. Volunteers aid in the overall efficiency of the agency to reduce and solve crime. They are not utilize to replace sworn or other paid positions within the agency, but rather to enhance the efficiency of it. Effective crime prevention requires the support of a partnership with the community.

Why Volunteer?

  • To learn more about law enforcement
  • To develop your job skills
  • To help your community
  • To make new friends and contacts
  • To help your police department prevent and fight crime

Who Is Qualified to Volunteer?

  • Men and women 18 years of age and older who are law abiding citizens.
  • Candidates must successfully meet the selection criteria of the West Melbourne Police department Volunteer Program application process and pass a background investigation.

Volunteers work in a variety of assignments to include: clerical assistance, fingerprinting services, special events, data input, administrative tasks, and assist with the Police Activities League (PAL) program.

We are currently accepting volunteer applications for the PAL Program. If you are interested in applying, download the Volunteer Application (PDF) and submit the completed application at the police department. All volunteer applications will be notarized, a service one of our desk officers can perform for you.

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