Traffic Crash Reports

The Records Unit is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Crash reports can be picked up at the Police Department or requested by mail. Please note that accidents that are less than 60 days old are not public record unless you are:

  • A party involved in the crash
  • A legal representative to a party involved
  • A licensed insurance agent to a party involved

How to Obtain a Report

A signed and notarized HSMV affidavit (PDF) is required for the crash report to be released. If you are picking up a crash report at the police department, the form will be provided. If you are requesting by mail, please print and fill out the form and send it with your request. We charge $0.15 per page, cash or check only, and $5 for a CD of photos from the crash, if available.

Traffic crash reports can also be obtained online from Buy Crash for $6 with a credit card.

All other reports can be requested in the same manner, but do not require a release form. However, if the report is under an active investigation or prosecution, it will not be releasable. The same charge of 15 cents per page applies. If the request requires extensive research (more than 15 minutes), there is a charge of $17.50 per hour.