Drug Complaints

Special Investigations Unit

Citizens can contact our Special Investigations Unit directly by either calling the Police Department Anonymous Tip Line at 321-837-7790, emailing SIU, or calling Crimeline anonymously at 800-423-TIPS.

This email address should be used for complaints such as drug activity, prostitution, gambling or tips regarding such crimes.


You can remain anonymous if you choose. Please give as much detailed information as possible such as:

  • Days and times of illegal activity
  • Specific locations
  • Suspects descriptions
  • Suspects names if known
  • Type of crime
  • And anything else that might help our Detectives

If you choose not to remain anonymous, please leave a name and number where you can reached in case there is additional information the Detectives may need.

Help Out

With the help of our citizens, we hope to attain our goal of getting drugs off the streets, illegal activities out of our City, and arresting the perpetrators.