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Recreation Facility Rental Request

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    Please note: Submittal of this form is not a guarantee that your rental is confirmed. Upon receipt of request, you will be contacted for official confirmation of date requested for your event and to collect payment for your rental.
  3. Is insurance/special events permit required?*
  4. If yes, has special event permit been approved?
  5. RENTAL FACILITIES (Choose one below):
    1. Changes made to a rental are subject to a $10.00 change fee.
    2. All rentals are subject to building, field and staff availability.
    3. The following damage deposits shall be charged for any building rentals. In the event of damages to the building or its contents, the renter will be charged the actual cost of the damages:
    * $200.00 damage deposit for major event which uses food and beverages (example: wedding, reception, birthday party, etc.)
    *$50.00 damage deposit for pavilion rentals.
    4. Rental dates may be reserved up to one year in advance.
    5. Requests for rental fee refunds for use of the Veterans Memorial Complex must be submitted in writing at least 4 weeks in advance of the rental date to be considered for a full refund. A $10.00 cancellation fee will be assessed. Any requests for refunds received after 4 weeks and before 2 weeks prior to the rental date may be considered for a 50% refund. Any requests for refunds received 2 weeks or less prior to the rental date may be considered for a 25% refund of the rental rate.
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